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Environmental & Cleanroom Monitoring Solutions from FMS in Ireland

With our FMS Ireland business expanding into new sectors that benefit from our contamination control expertise, we have partnered with Astech (Ireland) Ltd to establish a robust, localised sales and support infrastructure that delivers contamination control solutions across Ireland.

FMS is the gold channel partner in Ireland for TSI Inc, the global leader in particle counter and contamination control solutions. TSI has a pedigree dating back to 1961 and produces the gold-standard scientific instruments against which all other particle counters in the world are calibrated.

In partnership with Astech in Ireland, we supply and support world-beating products from TSI, including the unique BioTrak® Real-Time Viable Particle Counter that’s changing the way pharma people think about microbial monitoring to boost their manufacturing capabilities while supporting new Annex 1 compliance for continuous aseptic monitoring. Our market expertise in Ireland also encompasses the healthcare, life sciences, medical device manufacture, automotive, aerospace and semiconductor sectors. Read more in our news.

BioTrak: Pharma Game-Changer

The BioTrak™ Real-Time Viable Particle Counter is one of the most advanced Alternative & Rapid Microbial Method (ARMM) real-time microbial monitoring systems for aseptic pharma manufacturing. This dynamic instrument detects airborne contaminants in seconds. Exactly the sort that can ruin product integrity in a filling line. BioTrak 9510-BD is game-changing for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Immediate viable particle counts and instant real-time alerts confer a huge commercial advantage. It’s far superior to waiting days for lab results from growth-based methods to confirm a contamination event while the line remains shut or batches of valuable quarantined products are wasted.

There is no time to lose. A short time to result enables faster production decisions, quick neutralisation of contamination sources, and rapid resumption of production.

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Watch our highly informative video on the BioTrak. It could change the way you think about monitoring.

  • Airborne microbial particle detection in real-time

  • Fully automated with no media or manual processing

  • Simultaneous detection of both total and viable particles

  • Complies with all requirements of ISO 21501-4

  • 1 CFM (28.3 L/min) sample flow rate

  • Only single isokinetic probe required at sample site

  • In-line particle collection filter

9001CPC: Unique Nanoparticle Detection

To detect nanoparticle contamination you need a Condensation Particle Counter. The TSI AeroTrak 9001CPC operates at 10-nanometres resolution, which is an order of magnitude finer than 0.1μm counters. It is unique as the only water-based, laminar flow, high-flow-rate instrument on the market, eliminating the risks of alcohol and other non-water-based chemicals in your pristine cleanroom. Where real-time nanoparticle detection is critical in air and inert pressurised gas applications, such as those in ultra-clean semiconductor production and wafer fabrication environments, the 9001CPC is the world’s only safe, reliable and effective contamination control solution.

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Monitoring Solutions from FMS in Ireland

Irish Cleanroom Society

FMS Ireland is delighted to be a member of the Irish Cleanroom Society (ICS). The Society is a not for profit membership subscription-based organisation that supports the Cleanroom community in Ireland.

Latest News

Keep up to date with our news in Ireland. We also share our press releases here.

1101, 2024

FMS, Astech and TSI’s BioTrak expert to share wisdom at Biopharma conference.

January 11th, 2024|

We will be exhibiting with our new Ireland business partner, Astech, at the Biopharma & Life Sciences Connected Live event on 25th January at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cork. Mike Dingle, TSI's BioTrak expert, will present a paper on BFPC to show how it is an ideal solution for meeting Annex 1 viable air testing requirements.

“While TSI particle counters and monitoring system products are beyond reproach, there’s nothing quite like the efficiency benefits of having dedicated technical and process expertise on tap. That’s why we continue to invest in our infrastructure and resources across Ireland.”

JON WHALER, Lead Systems Engineer & Ireland Technical Lead

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