New generation of portable particle counters launched and ready to order.

We have launched an exciting new range of enhanced portable Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) from world leader in contamination control instrumentation, TSI Inc. The AeroTrak+ A100 Series delivers numerous improvements over the popular AeroTrak 9000 range that it replaces*. These instruments are ready to order from us now.

Among the great many benefits of the new A100 Series is an industry-leading 5-year laser warranty. And all five models in the range are Wi-Fi-ready, adding practicality to the ways in which the APC can communicate. Those key features are backed up by a raft of other advances that include built-in user access to the latest standards driving the market, such as EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO 14644-1 for cleanrooms and associated environments. It also complies to all stringent requirements set out in the ISO 21501-4 calibration standard.

So what else has been improved on the new AeroTrak+ A100? You can check out the product page of any of the five instruments for more details and a downloadable data sheet (start at the Portable Particle Counters page) but here’s a short round-up of new features and benefits:

  • A highly visible coloured LED lightbar to instantly show instrument status
  • Three USB ports (including one USB-C) and ethernet port for connectivity
  • Wi-Fi-ready (using a Wi-Fi dongle – and there’s a reason for that**)
  • Data storage capacity of up to 250,000 records
  • Built-in correction factors for compressed gas sampling covering air, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide
  • Analog input and output options using 4-20mA signals. 
  • Filter test and investigate mode with audible and visual feedback
  • Higher concentration limits
  • Pass/fail reports output as a PDF, on the built-in printer and via the TrakPro™ Lite Secure Software that’s supplied
  • Lighter in weight than previous models
  • Extended temperature range for operation and storage 

In addition to the above, the new A100 instruments include all the regular features and functionality users have come to enjoy from their AeroTrak 9000 predecessors.

A100 models look good too. Simple but elegant solutions to assist particle counter users include the unmissable LED lightbar that conveys the instrument’s status at a glance, along with a large and intuitive colour touchscreen interface. Regarding intuitiveness, the A100 has been specifically designed to be so easy to use that no manual is needed – although we do actually provide one. Intuitive operation significantly reduces the opportunity for user error while simplifying the process of monitoring for environmental contamination. The fact is that these new APCs really are ready for measurement right out of the box – and engineered to make the user’s job easy.

We identify applications for the AeroTrak+ A100 Series in pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, as well as in cleanroom certification.

*The AeroTrak 9110, the specialist BioTrak 9510-BD Real-Time Viable Particle Counter and AeroTrak CPC9001 Condensation Particle Counter instruments remain current APCs in our contamination control range.

**In some sensitive and secure manufacturing environments, devices and instruments with Wi-Fi functionality built in are not permitted. That’s why the AeroTrak+ A100 Series is specifically designed as Wi-Fi-ready, with that wireless communications option enabled via a simple USB Wi-Fi dongle. Therefore, A100 models are compliant with any RF controls.

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