FMS, Astech and TSI’s BioTrak expert to share wisdom at Biopharma conference.

Biopharma & Life Sciences Ireland conference 2024

We will be exhibiting with our new Ireland business partner, Astech, at the Biopharma & Life Sciences Connected Live event on 25th January at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cork.

The conference introduces more than 75 leading speakers from development and manufacturing functions in the biopharmaceutical, biotech products and technology industries. It promises to be a full day of keynote talks and panel discussions on the topics shaping the sector in Ireland and beyond.

Mike Dingle of TSI Inc.Among those learned speakers is Mike Dingle of TSI Inc., who is one of the contamination control industry’s leading authorities on Biofluorescent Particle Counting (BFPC) and a world-renowned expert on the unique TSI BioTrak™ Real-Time Viable Particle Counter. Mike will be presenting a paper on BFPC to show how it is an ideal solution for meeting Annex 1 viable air testing requirements.

BioTrakTo provide topical and perfectly timed support for Mike’s paper on BFPC, our FMS System Sales Specialist Matt Plocki and Astech National Sales Manager Chris Hindmarsh will be exhibiting a BioTrak Real-Time Viable Particle Counter at the conference. That’s not a coincidence. With a BioTrak on the stand, delegates can get close up and hands-on with this impressive ARMM instrument.

AeroTrak+ A100 Series portable particle counterTaking solutions to EU GMP Annex 1 further, we will also show the new AeroTrak+™ A100 Series portable particle counter, which includes built-in Annex 1 Data Integrity standards to ensure GMP compliance. The A100 Series also has other industry standards built in. These sit alongside a raft of new advanced features specifically engineered to suit today’s particle monitoring and contamination control applications – like integrated correction factors for air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon to deliver accurate gas sampling.

AeroTrak 9306 handheld particle counterSomething that conference delegates can really get their hands on is the handheld AeroTrak™ 9306 particle counter. This super-flexible instrument is perfect for tracking down sources of particle contamination as well as quality assurance applications such as filter testing.

FMS5 monitoring softwareFinally, Matt and Chris will share their considerable expertise in facility monitoring by demonstrating the TSI FMS5 monitoring software. They will be on hand with extensive technical, process and contamination control knowledge.

Learn more about the Biopharma & Life Sciences Connected Live conference event here or contact us for more information.

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