The majority of FMS clients need efficient and accurate alarm notifications on site. Many also require remote out-of-hours notifications.

Our monitoring systems provide fully configurable alarm set-points for each sensor. Further configuration options prevent false alarms from being generated, for instance during momentary pressure differences detected during normal cleanroom door operations. LED signal light towers that provide a visual alert can be configured with the coloured lenses required and with or without the audible alarm module.

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On-site local alarm notification can be communicated by any combination of:

      • PC monitors and laptops
      • Alarm panels
      • Configurable light tower beacons
      • Audible sounders
      • Email messages
      • SMS messages
      • Auto-dialler

Remote out-of-hours alarms can be communicated by any combination of:

      • Email
      • SMS
      • Auto-dialler
      • Third party alarm notification service providers
      • Remote system access via computer, tablet or smartphone

The flexibility of these options means that we can tailor the alarm notification service to your exact requirements. All alarm notifications and interactions are available as reports with a full audit trail.

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