FMS Ireland provides a complete line of portable Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) from TSI Inc. including the BioTrak Real-Time Viable Particle Counter, condensation particle counter, high sensitivity AeroTrak 9110 particle counter and the new range of AeroTrak+ portable particle counters.

The new AeroTrak+ A100 range is designed ready for measurement and engineered to make the user’s job easy. Up to 25,000 sample points allow you to store more information on one instrument, while new models are Wi-Fi-ready to offer convenient and flexible connectivity options.

It’s easy to set up TSI’s portable particle counters using the intuitive graphic user interface. Instant Pass/Fail reporting functions, compliant with ISO 14644-1 and EU GMP Annex 1 regulations, make them particularly popular with validation professionals. AeroTrak+ A100 models operate to ISO 21501-4:2018 calibration standards, which is why professional certifiers rank them higher than comparable products and prefer the intuitive icon-driven touchscreen interface.

The BioTrak Real-Time Viable Particle Counter – an undisputed game changer in aseptic pharma applications – is a transportable instrument, despite its twin-laser biofluorescent particle counting (BFPC) sophistication and legendary sensitivity. All TSI particle counters are robust, reliable and inherently fit for purpose. They are engineered for you.


Portable Particle Counters

Quite simply the best performing, most reliable and user-friendly range of portable Airborne Particle Counters on the market, engineered to meet demanding contamination control requirements.


BioTrak Real-Time Viable APC

0.5 to 25µm size range | 1.0 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow rate | FDA approved BFPC technology

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AeroTrak 9001 Cleanroom CPC

10nm to 100nm size range | 1.0 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow rate | Ultra-low false count rate

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AeroTrak 9110

Up to eight channels | 0.1 to 10µm size range | 1.0 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow rate

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AeroTrak+ A100 Series APCs

Six channels | 0.3 to 10µm size range | 1.0 to 3.5 CFM (28.3 to 100 L/min) flow rates | Wi-Fi-ready

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