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Active Air Sampler


FMS provides active air sampler heads for environmental monitoring applications in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and specialist food industries. Our SAS (Surface Air Sampler) head is manufactured by Cherwell Laboratories, an FMS partner, and can be fully integrated with our FMS5 facility monitoring system.

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Collects particles onto solid media using the proven sieve method where air is drawn through the stainless-steel sampling head via a perforated sieve onto a static agar plate. When the required volume of air has passed through the sampling head, the agar plate can be removed and incubated. The number of visible colonies allows a quantitative estimate of colony-forming units in the sampled volume of air.


Features & Benefits

      • Non-particle-shedding design
      • Cost-effective particle collection & sampling method
      • Ensures regulatory compliance
      • Helps to verify sources of contamination
      • Integrates with TSI FMS5 facility monitoring system
      • Available as stand-alone or with tri-clover fitting
      • Robust 316 stainless-steel construction
      • Supplied ready to use



      • Grade A monitoring for isolator cabinets
      • Fillings lines
      • RABS
      • FM system integration
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Healthcare
      • Specialist food preparation



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