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Room Pressure Display


Validair offers an attractive remote pressure display for mounting outside a room to show a clear reading of the pressure within. Pressure range from 10 to 7,500 Pascals. The display operates with both TSI FMS5 and ViGIE VMS monitoring systems

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Mounted outside a room, this attractive remote pressure display from Validair partner CMR Controls provides a clear real-time reading of the pressure within the room on a bright digital LED screen. The brushed stainless-steel faceplate can be manufactured and engraved to a customer’s requirement.


Features & Benefits

      • Remote digital LED display (without alarm)
      • Ranges from 10Pa to 7.5kPa
      • +/- Scalable via push button switches
      • Modbus communication input
      • 0-10V or 4-20mA input from external sensor
      • Power supply 24VDC or 24VAC.
      • Stainless Steel faceplate manufactured to clients’ specifications and engraved
      • UKAS Calibration Certificate with transmitter
      • Operates with TSI FMS5 & ViGIE VMS monitoring systems



Cleanroom installations:

      • Pharmaceutical
      • Medical device manufacture
      • Biosciences & Biomedical
      • Healthcare
      • Semiconductor
      • Graphene applications
      • Cleanroom manufacturing



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